How much does a car service cost in Eastwood?

car service costs in Eastwood

Whether you’re a new car owner or a driver, knowing how much a car service costs in Eastwood is important. Because if the car is running on the road, sooner or later the car will have a fault. Also, if the car breaks down, it will cause suffering for both the owner and the driver. So if you live in Eastwood then know about car service costs from Epping Auto Service.

Type of car service in Eastwood

Basic car service

Basic car service will include a car oil change, a fluid top, and a general inspection to help understand common car problems. This is the most common service that needs to be done every 6 months. Or after 10,000 km this routine service is very important for the car.

Logbook service in Eastwood

Logbook service is the manufacturer’s specific rules, according to the car’s warranty, and maintenance as required. This service is very comprehensive and costs can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

Major Car Service in Eastwood

Major car services include everything from basic services, logbook services, additional checks, brake pads, spark plugs, air filters, and replacements to major hard services. This service is usually taken after 12 months or after 20,000 km of vehicle. So the cost of this service in Eastwood is relatively high.

Factors Affecting Car Service Costs in Eastwood

Vehicle make cost and model

Luxury and imported cars often require specialized equipment and skilled workers, which can increase the cost of servicing the car. Also, common car models can be serviced at very low prices. Because it does not require any parts and skills.

Type of car service required

Basic services, logbook services, and major services that affect the cost of the vehicle. Car servicing costs are further increased due to car parts and labor behind it.

Car service by location

Car service costs in Australia may vary based on state. The car service costs in Eastwood may be a bit higher compared to other areas as Eastwood is a metropolitan area.

Average cost of car service in Eastwood

At Eastwood, you can expect services that range from:

  • Basic service: $150 to $250
  • Logbook service: $200 to $500
  • Main service: $300 to $600

These costs may fluctuate based on the specific needs of your vehicle and your service because Eastwood has a lot of car services.

Cost of common car service in Eastwood

Oil change service

Every car service is essential. Typically an oil change in Eastwood costs $100 to $150.

Car brake service

A car’s brake pad replacement and inspection is usually between $150 and $300. Costs may fluctuate based on vehicle type and amount of work. Epping Auto Service in Eastwood will provide you with car brake replacement and inspection service at a very low cost.

Tire rotation service

Car tire rotation service is relatively inexpensive, with a typical tire rotation service in Eastwood costing you between $50 and $100.

Car air filter replacement

An air filter can cost anywhere from $30 to $70 to replace, with costs fluctuating depending on the vehicle model and filter used.

Here are some tips to save on car service costs from Epping Auto Service

First Routine Car Maintenance: Regular and timely maintenance of the car to avoid expensive car expenses.

Using Second Independent Mechanics: They charge less than dealerships and provide better service than competitors.


Finally, Epping Auto Service today has helped you know the cost of car service in Eastwood in general and will share more important tips about your car. So stay with us and enjoy the services of Epping Auto Service.

And then, you must keep in mind that regular car servicing in Eastwood can save costs and increase the resale prices of your car. In addition, it ensures a more reliable, smoother, and pleasurable experience on roads. Furthermore, it increases the car’s lifespan. Besides, if you detect small problems early on, regular car servicing in Eastwood ensures road safety and environmental protection.

If you need regular car servicing in Epping, don’t hesitate to request a callback. If you want to ask some questions, feel free to get in touch with us by phone, email, or social media. Please keep in mind that our mechanical services are not based in Eastwood. Nevertheless, we provide services to areas surrounding Epping.